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Best of the best food blogs

Best of the best food blogs

As a blogger I am often asked to specify my favourite food blogs. Presumably people are curious to know where I glean inspiration from. The truth is that I tend to derive inspiration from external influences such as fantastic locations and venues, exceptional chef’s skills or particularly good produce. However it has to be said there are some excellent and inspirational blogs out there and of course I do read them, its simply that I try not to be too derivative or else it would seem unoriginal and perhaps less inspiring.

Today I am publishing a selection of what I consider to be the best food blogs out there, or at least those that I turn to when in need of some inspiration, be it visual or culinary. To some it may seem madness to be promoting those who I am effectively in competition with, but of course that’s the beauty of food blogging; it’s not a highly competitive game, although of course there is an element of friendly competition in as much as we all want to be the best we can be. However, it’s a shared space that fosters a sense of community, which is something I’m proud to be a part of. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.

What Katie Ate

What Katie Ate

Katie hails from Sydney, Australia and her blog is a visual marvel; perhaps unsurprisingly as she is a photographer by trade. Her recipes are unfussy and delicious, and she is also a great traveller and restaurant reviewer. An all-rounder and absolute natural at her game.


Putney Farm

What are the best features of the Californian Putney Farmer’s blog? It’s hard to know where to even begin. You could start with the fact they grow most of what they blog about. In their own words “We have a garden, orchard, berry patch and bees. We grow about 50 fruits, veggies and herbs every year.” They seem to blog pretty much every day, so the blog is packed with literally hundreds of fantastic recipes. Add in the fact they feature outstanding cocktail recipes and yes, that’s pretty much a recipe for success.

Sam Cooks Food

Sam is a prodigious home chef who cheats by also running a cafe. Cheeky chap. It’s fair to say that people who work with food for a living are at an advantage when it comes to food blogging, however there is no denying that Sam’s blog is a labour of love. He is one of the most detailed and methodical bloggers out there and manages to stay remarkably humble in spite of it all. Frankly if I could cook that well I’d be posturing like I was on the culinary equivalent of Venice Beach. His photography is also consummately professional and the presentation of his dishes should earn him some kind of star. Or a publishing deal at any rate.

Gourmet Traveller

Next up is Gourmet Traveller,  a blog “borne out of a love for food and wine, and constant pursuit of new epicurean adventures through cooking, eating, reading and travel.” What this artiste of the written word doesn’t know about culinary exploration could be written on the kneecap of a house fly with a magic marker. Although lately the blog has been very quiet, you could do worse than follow The GT on twitter where you will be willingly subjected to streams of exquisitely tantalising dish descriptions and food photos. GT is an especially good blog to follow for anybody with a particular interest in Asian cuisine.

Cottage cheese and roscoffs

There is distinctly nothingwhatsoever to dislike about Rocket & Squash. Everything from the charming graphics to the beautiful layout, scarily accurate reviews and drool-worthy recipes is bang on the culinary money honey. Edward Smith is the architect and by my reckoning must be at the ripe young age of 32 by now, as he was 31.5 “at the time of writing” in April this year. Happy Birthday Ed, who it should be noted is available as a private chef too. As am I. In fact, finding a good recipe blogger can often be a good way of sourcing a private chef or event chef. Most food bloggers will be happy to consult on menus and attend tastings, for restaurants, supper clubs and events. A handy fact to bear in mind for event organisers. Similarly, travel bloggers are often good people to ask about the best places to visit and are usually happy to offer advice, sometimes free of charge, or in exchange for letting them place your booking so they can collect a commission.


Aaplemint is the creation of one Kajal Tejsinghani, who hails from Bombay and is a self-styled writer and afficionado of global cuisine. Her blog is packed full of recipes and advice on how to get the most out of cookery. Personal favourite dishes of mine include Easy Mutton Biryani, Pan Fried Snapper in Goan Marinade & Lemon Rice, and Xinjiang Stir Fried Lamb. Her range of desserts is also pretty impressive, as is her hair: wow! Ok that was non food-related but I had to say it. On with the show.

bacon chops with whiskey

Bacon chops with whiskey –

Gin and crumpets, for any of you who aren’t fully acquainted with British culinary influences, would be a slightly odd combination. A crumpet is a type of bread or cake with lots of holes that is usually toasted and served with butter and jam. Gin is a spirit made with botanicals including juniper. Quite why you’d combine the two I’m not entirely sure but it’s a catchy title for sure.  Jassy Davis is the creator and curator and she is highly prolific in terms of both cookery and blogging. Her recipes are very varied and she has extensive experience of many forms of cookery. The section on Ballymaloe cookery school is particularly good reading.

nectarine sorbet soda

nectarine sorbet soda on

Get this chap’s introduction:  “I am a farmer, a cook and a photographer.  I started working with food when I was 18, and I haven’t stopped since. I think that pomegranates are beautiful, and chili peppers, and peas fresh from the garden.  I believe in self-reliance, and I try to grow, cook, preserve, craft, forage, hunt, build, and create as much as I can.  I have no formal training in any of this. You don’t need any either.” Really no need for me to add anything to that. Beautiful.

Well I hope this has been useful for you, and as always I’d love to have any feedback or comments. Please do get in touch if you require any assistance with food, venue and event related projects, I’m always happy to help, especially if there is travel involved too. If I can’t do it myself, I probably know somebody who can.

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