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Light sin life

Light sin life

I see white

lights in life

through cold glass

through wet

windows drizzled

ochre olive oil

beads reflecting

halogen glints.

Hear the resonant boom

murmur up through

the floorboards

Father bellows

constantly below




How we long

long for some

escape from repetition

escape from

repetition escape

from the shared

sense of helplessness.

Pervasive turn

of ill fortune

for all except those

greedy wealthy few

perhaps living

at our expense

is futile.

Long words decorate

our minds like

festive ornaments

lending us some

sense of higher


Alert yet unaware

oblivious to

many fields

many dreams

move through our

restless shifting

bodies turning

through minds

making life eventful

yet fearsome.

Holding on to dark

night phosphorescent

a spewed word

a cold creature

hangs wetly from

its web waiting

to regain strength

to exert finely

hunterly instinct.

Capture me

oh capture

enrapture me

sweet poison ivy.

Twist me up

and strangle hard

your creeping ways

amaze my might

if only you

were here tonight.

To kill.

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