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French enlightemup

French enlightemup

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Friars all blackened by soot of Cubano

Downstairs venture to a Francophile’s pit

Shepherds and butchers alike cut it here

Snip here, snip there and the draw begins.

Bull’s blood by the tankard, bloody cell in a cave.

What merry madness made in subterranean solipsism

could eschew such platitudes

or truisms?

“The composition of a tragedy requires testicles.”

And after all, what is left beyond the indignity of indulgence?

Venture Eastwards to the great grey blocks

Stern buttresses flank the ebbs and flows

Descend gleefully awnings, stretched boulevard side

Therein find solace.


Voltaire is a long elegant basement bar situated in Blackfriars, London. It features an extensive and highly imaginative cocktail list and boasts a humidor brimming with fine cigars. Along the back wall are a number of caverns that can be reserved for groups of up to 8. A great way to spend your evening or indeed afternoon. Service is impeccable and the location has the added benefit of being right beside the Thames and in amongst some of London’s finest architecture. Definitely worth a visit and an outright winner for parties of 8 or more.

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