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St Pancras, patron saint of blogging and yogging.

St Pancras, patron saint of blogging and yogging.

So it would seem many fortunate folk are leaving the sub-zero streets of London to head for the slopes or to kick back in the sun (sigh). It’s not that I’m envious and hate them for their light-footedness, he says, viciously stabbing multiple figurines of said absconders, it’s just that, well, I’d like to have a week or two of the auld r&r myself. This majestic frosty city can grind one down to a soggy stump in the dead of winter. That is until the patron saint of yoghurts and bloggers steps in to save the day.


It was a fine wintry Wednesday and the high vaulted ceiling of St Pancras Renaissance hotel lobby echoed with the busy clatter of Nuffnangx the blogger’s stalking app and Chobani the new yoghurt kid on the block preparing cocktails and cake for the new breed of scribe-slash-hack to hastily devour.

Batavia Arrack, Lady Grey tea and lemon sherbet.

“United Services” – Batavia Arrack, Lady Grey tea and lemon sherbet.

Pewter punchbowls filled to the brim with retro cocktails and punches, had copper cups draped on the sides. Cakes were laid out prettily dusted with icing and the whole scene was reminiscent of a fairy tale picture postcard, an evocation befitting the stunning cathedral-like proportions of such an ornate Victorian super-structure. It made a refreshing change to attend an event managed with such ease. A group of like-minded individuals all set to the task of networking, read nattering, scoffing sweetness and becoming squiffy.

Sweetness on a slate

Can you put it on my slate?

Nuffnangx is an app that allows bloggers to stalk one another, it pulls feeds from all your favourite blogs and puts them in one place. Other built in functions include the ability to “heart” blogs and post comments from one place, and it can post to other sites including of course twitter and facebook. It’s a useful tool to promote your own blog as well as engage with others.

Chobani were present and filled our goodie bags with their delicious pots of super healthy strained yoghurt and cereal bars galore. They know a thing or two about putting the social back in social media, having used blogger meet-ups and social media to become America and Australia’s number one selling strained yoghurt brand. Clever chaps and chapettes. Or is it chapesses? I got chatting to some fun new people and all in all had a really pleasant evening. After a couple more United Services I was beginning to roll with the punches and headed out to brave the arctic breeze once again. Suddenly it didn’t seem such a stern and lonely city after all.


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  1. Definitely chapettes! Glad you could join us, and particularly glad we now have model-esque photos of you posing with our CHO mwahaha…

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