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What’s this thing called, love?

What’s this thing called, love?

It’s a video of course! Shot at Blue Elephant London’s stunning riverside restaurant.

A merry brigade of food luminaries of the blogosphere attended a Valentine’s supper preview featuring amazing dishes such as steamed egg custard with Foie Gras topped with home made strawberry sauce, lamb shank curry with black wild ginger (an aphrodisiac no less), grilled black cod marinated with Korean ginseng wrapped in banana leaf with caramelized golden tamarind and crispy shallot dip. Need I go on?

The best thing about all of this is that Chef Noroor, founder of Blue Elephant, is set to open her third cookery school right here in London, this spring! For those eager travel bunnies who are itching to try it out sooner, why not fly out to Bangkok or Phuket and give it a whirl? The Blue Elephant range of Thai cookery products are by far and away the best range of Thai ingredients and sauces I’ve yet to cook with, being free of artificial colours and preservatives, so I for one am excited.

The palatial London site at Imperial Wharf, a stone’s throw from Lot’s Road Chelsea, was built for the Thai royals to stay and dine in, although their preference was to head in to the West End, so the building along with it’s many artefacts was claimed for Chef Noroor, a lively and colourful celebrity chef, famous in South East Asia and widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading Thai chefs. Rumour has it that the London site will see a development in East meets West fusion cooking, at the higher end of the culinary scale, featuring only the freshest produce and some new and exciting ingredients and concoctions. If the Valentine’s dinner menu we sampled was anything to go by, it promises to be a very exciting evolution in fusion cookery. Watch this space!

To book a table or party at Blue Elephant Imperial Wharf, visit

For information on the Bangkok cookery school, visit

Interested in Phuket?

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