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Lights, cameras, action man.

Lights, cameras, action man.

October was a beautiful month here in London, with a late autumn rendering the city mostly warm, plane trees fading down from dark green to vivid lime against a shock of russet tones and zigzags of acerbic yellow, all flaunted in graceful arching canopies, towering over the long tarmac lawns.

I met a couple of bawdy young guns in Croatia last summer whilst out raving to my boisterous heart’s content. Turns out, being guns and all, they like to shoot. Digitally usually although film is always an option. This may or may not be them.

After a ten day stint of galavanting around the stunning island of Tisno, cutting the oddest of shapes out at Barbarella’s – a sandpit on a hilltop in jolly no man’s land with a huge rig and a plethora of – I believe the term is “kick ass” – dj’s, they got in touch with me back in the smoke, hunting down their next collaboration like a couple of Mavericks. We elected to shoot a cookery showreel, kicking off 7 am-ish on a glorious October Saturday (double urgh) at Borough Market, where I shopped for and cooked a feast fit for four. Two cameramen, a director and a chef. And here dear reader viewer are the fruits of our efforts.

Dishes include wok fried squid, Chanterelles in garlic butter, white wine and parsley on focaccia, sirloin steak with purple sage and walnut pesto, also with thrice cooked shallots in wasabi butter. Swordfish steak with lemon olive oil and basil dressed vine tomatoes. Beautifully shot by Alex and Kyle, directed by Harvey.

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