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Kitchen bliss

Kitchen bliss


So, just lately the prospect of fitting a new kitchen has arisen. This got me thinking about what constitutes my “dream kitchen.” Like most foodies I’m sure this is a frequent matter to ponder.

There are so many styles, it’s easy for a man to lose himself, only to then find himself, before realising he is still well and truly lost, until arriving back at the beginning, wondering why he’d set out in the first place. Why was it? Oh yes, kitchens. This rustic reclaimed shabby chic look that’s very on-trend really works for me, but it has to be properly rugged, and oak as opposed to pine. Needless to say, a vaulted ceiling with natural daylight pouring through, wins every time. This particular kitchen I found on Pinterest ticks most of the boxes. It’s open plan (tick), bright and spacious (tick tick), rugged (tick) and has a double sized cooker (that’s the ticket). The floorboards are beautiful although my preference is for fired earth tiles or York flagstones. Oven in the inglenook is a cute touch but I prefer being able to face my guests whilst cooking. Somewhat à la mode perhaps but it’s a practical solution.

Sure could cook up a storm in such a blissful cavern.

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