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Behind the sense peak.

Behind the sense peak.

Its not often I am given something complimentary, let alone given a compliment, yet a couple of weeks ago a flock of PR darlings aptly (or not) named “the Purettes” as they hail from Pure PR, both paid me a compliment, and sent a travel pack of (MALIN+GOETZ) toiletries. The + is very important here folks, its all about the brand image. We, must, stay, loyal, to ….the brand. Sorry, bit of a Marvel moment there; now where was I?

Well, precisely at work in fact, bussing tables as creative types and entrepreneurs are apt to do at points in their careers. It was at 52 North in Soho, a trendy cutesy little joint. If there is such a thing as a boutique bar then this is it, and the Uber-cool denizens of Soho flock there for tucker and gallons of hooch as the Friday victual ritual dictates. The Purettes, after social-medially referring to me as a beauty (I know, hilarious right?) were sweet enough to remark that my mugshot or – Gravatar – if we, remain, loyal, to …yes yes, they said it looked pretty good. Well it doesn’t get much better than that. Or does it? Yes it does. “Oh so you’re a travel writer? Gosh, how impressive!” Me: “Erm, uh, yes, well, sort of, erm …I’ve got a blog!” Then kapow or, poof or >insert in-a-flash sound effect< and cut to shot of me standing befuddled at the front door mat at home looking at a bubble wrapped envelope. Great, its popping time! The slip inside, hand signed no less, even said “with compliments.” Gasp! More compliments? Even as I stood there unshaven, unkempt, wrapped in my oldest most garish dressing gown. Well stab me vitals (or in fact don’t, as I may require them later on).

Then suddenly it hit me like a ton of suds. It all made perfect sense. The pack, this is the pack they were talking about. A travel pack. Because I’m a travel writer, remember? Six little dinky bottles of NYC slickness in a see-through wash bag with a label proudly proclaiming “Carry On approved.” Does this mean Sid James and Kenneth Williams also lathered their visages with the grapefruit face cleanser? That Barbara Windsor herself may have brazenly soaped her hooters with the bergamot body wash, and given a high pitched cackle of approval? Sadly not. It simply means you won’t get busted at the airport for being an aerosol. Those lovely folk in uniform will merely glance at your polythene pouch with a knowing grin, admiring the minimal elegance of the + sign no doubt. I am so enraptured by it, that from now on I will simply refer to the products as +

Travel Pack

As I stood under the millions of pulsing droplets, lathering away and yodelling elegantly along to the ghetto blaster, it struck me that the aphorism “less is more” is epitomised with + from the packaging to the products. The face wash is so light as to feel almost non-existent on your fingers, yet the texture is soft and silky. The bergamot body wash creates a rich lather that is not dense or cloying. None of the aromas are overbearing as some other non + brands. The vitamin e face moisturiser left no trace of greasiness and was perfectly absorbed. As for the peppermint shampoo and cilantro conditioner, well. No complaints. Aside from the fact I can’t imagine the dinky 29ml portions would suffice for a trip any longer than five days, its a great little kit and the products rock. I’d gladly stick it in my hand luggage any day. Just need a trip to take it on. And therein lies the rub. Any travel pr chicklets on the prowl?

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