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Mexico City
October 202014

“Food wise, Mexico has an incredible amount of variety to offer the gourmet traveller….”

San Miguel de Allende

“If you’re visiting Mexico City and are interested in history, culture and art, then you should most certainly head to the National Anthropology Museum…”

Adios Mexico City

“The atmosphere inside this colonnaded square with the sun blazing down was hypnotic…”

Mexico City

“In terms of culinary adventures, Aeromexico certainly has a lot to offer the hungry traveller….”

Mexico City Day 2

“Nothing quite prepares you for the scale of this ancient site and the monuments that have been painstakingly recreated over the last half century or so…..”

Mexico City Day 1

“Find me somebody who doesn’t love Mexican food and I will cure them….”

Mexico City
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September 252014

The ever-bustling London Town with it’s pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. Here’s my Listing:

“Whopping windows now provide a vista onto the ever busy King’s Road”….

The Cadogan Arms, Chelsea

“Seirass ricotta, fresh peas, purple sprouting broccoli and smoked bacon proved an excellent medley of flavours and textures”…

Mele e pere, Soho

“This was the juiciest slab of medium rare ribeye I’ve ever had the extreme pleasure to sink my carnivorous gnashers into”…

Brigade Bar & Bistro, Southwark

“After a round of delicious freshly baked breads and infused oils came thinly rolled classic Neapolitan style of pizzette…”




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September 252014

a refreshingly different yet somehow traditional country hotel set in the heart of The New Forest…

The pig in the forest
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South East Asia
September 232014

On arrival here you are instantly transported to another era, and reminded in glorious technicolour that you are no longer in Europe…

Sout East Asia Travelogue me goose bumps on my taste buds if such a thing is possible……

Vietnamese beef & lemon salad

..inspired by a trip to Vietnam..

Vietnamese pork & mushroom broth



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September 172014

The scent of wood fires blends in the crisp early evening air with the muezzin’s raucous piped call to prayer…

Moon over Marrakech
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Corinthia Hotel London
September 172014

Upon arrival, we were introduced to the sommelier, a dapper gent with a wry smile who didn’t once sneer at my oenological ineptitude (wine goofishness), and I certainly gave him enough chances….Corinthia Hotel review

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Ice Bar London
September 172014

Glacial striations running through the huge blocks of ice, put me in mind of Lake Baikal in Russia where you can if you wish take your skates and set out on a long quest of visual splendour….

Ice Bar London review
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Brigade Bar & Bistro
September 172014

We in the West are privileged. Very much so. In global terms, it’s almost obscene how privileged many of us are…

Brigade Bar & Bistro Review
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Mele e Pere
September 172014

You would be forgiven for walking straight past mele e pere whilst out and about in Soho scouting for a top notch watering hole and eatery…

Mele e Pere review
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The Guildford Arms

The Guildford Arms

Great place to eat and drink in Greenwich

September 162014

Oh England. England, England, England, with your soggy summers and bitterly disappointing football scores, we do still love you…….

Guildford Arms review
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